Strive 2 Thrive

The Wellness & Life Enrichment staff, Clinical staff, and Administrators at Senior Care Centers continually stress the importance of physical movement and exercise as a natural medication for depression, regulating blood sugar levels, and improving one’s ability to independently carry out activities of daily living.

S2T Mission

To provide a culture of lifetime wellness where each patient or resident has the support and opportunity to voluntarily participate in physical, mental, spiritual, and social activities designed to maintain and improve current level of functioning. Our goal is for each resident, resident’s family, and team member to understand that the benefits of integrating holistic wellness into daily care plans should never cease, regardless of age or ability.

Four Pillar Approach

BODY ” Promote physical activity and exercises designed to increase endurance, strength, and flexibility. Offer nutrition and dietary education about proper food choices for residents with diabetes.  Design individual- specific restorative therapy programs that allow residents to continue performing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) at the most independent levels possible.

MIND ” Create opportunities for patients and residents to learn new hobbies and interests, using cognitive and mental stimulation.  Increase technology usage to recreate “this day in history” with video clips and sound clips from the Internet.

SPIRIT ” Incorporate activities in which residents understand their importance and place within the community. Allow spiritual and religious activities that seek to meet respectable preferences of residents” beliefs. Communicate residents” specific and desired purpose within their current home and community.

SOCIAL INTERACTION ” Encourage intergenerational visits from families and members from the community. Create relationships with community groups, schools, churches, and other organizations while fostering an environment that encourages social interaction among patients, residents, team members, and visitors.

S2T 12-Week Pilot Program Results

As of July 2013 all SCC health centers will offer the Strive 2 Thrive Resident Wellness Program integrated into the current daily activity program.  The S2T program focuses on programming and offering meaningful, outcome based activities that include our four pillar model of holistic wellness: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Social Interaction.  12-Week Pilot programs conducted in SCC homes during 2012 prove a positive correlation between 3X weekly movement activities and a resident’s the ability to maintain, and even improve late loss ADL scores.  Information is based on 306 residents. (see graph below)

Improved n = 118, Maintained n = 94, Declined n = 50, No Data n = 44

Residents who attended at least 5 of the 30 possible exercise sessions were included in the study based on a minimum participation level.  Outcomes show a positive correlation of participation in a 3X weekly exercise program, using light weight resistance equipment for basic range of motion movements.

Additional studies need to be performed to determine if what levels of participation (how actively the resident is participating) and what number of sessions attended yields greater increases in improving or maintaining late loss ADL scores.

Limitations ” without having an electronic activities system to record participation at 13 different buildings it is not possible to drill down into data to determine what levels of participation supply the greatest results.  With this study we are only able to identify that those that participate in light weight exercise at least 20% show a positive correlation in pre and post late loss ADL score measurement.

Conclusion: Adding inexpensive equipment to common range of motion movements currently being done in nursing homes may help residents maintain function. Resident’s functional improvements do not have to be dependent on expensive equipment or wellness-specific areas in nursing homes.

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